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Supporting  Survival and Profitability of SMEs  in response to CVD-19

MWG's SME COVID-19 Business Response joins with International Partners to promote SMEs' survival in UK, Kenya and US 


A major threat to economic recovery and to rebuilding communities, post-COVID-19,  is the survival and profitability of the SME sector, which employs a large part of the global workforce and increases livelihoods in local communities. SMEs worldwide, more so, those in disenfranchised communities in both developed and developing regions, continue to struggle and close due to insufficient public sector survival support and flailing cash-flow that they urgently require to restructure or pivot, and to weather these uncertain times.

To facilitate SMEs' greater access to cash flow and savings, MarketWorks Global Start-up  has successfully redirected resources and strategic partnerships towards accelerating a rapid COVID-19 response for small, medium, and growing businesses in UK,  Kenya and US to help them survive and thrive beyond COVID-19

MWG's principal  supports Invest in Africa's regional development initiatives tgenerate data for decision support, and strengthens partnerships, ecosystems and dialogue to drive policy a programming  actions and improve risk management and supply chain Inclusion of disadvantaged SMEs.

In Kenya, through our principal, Sarah Adomakoh, MWG is partnering with Invest in Africa delivering support to donor funded private sector research and design of inclusive supply chain strategies and learnings to increase SME's survival, as well as facilitating ecosystem engagement partnerships and strategies in policy development and collaborative action to strength SME risk management and their resilience to disasters in Africa. We are also  taking forward  social dialogue to inform solutions.


Search our literature directory to learn more about how SMEs and large Companies are coping with COVID-19 disruptions   

Re-strategising and fundraising with small businesses and start-ups to help them survive and thrive through COVID-19 

In the United Kingdom and Europe, MarketWorks Global is supporting high-potential small and growing businesses and startups in strategy development, pivoting and establishing fundraising and cross-border partnerships to enable and sustain their growth beyond COVID-19.  

MWG's SME COVID-19 Business Response joins with US digital fintech partners STRYDE to use game-changing digital innovation to drive financial Inclusion of SMEs  


In the United States, together with our US partners, STRYDE, we are supporting small, medium and growing business owners struggling to improve cash-flow that they urgently require to be able to build back better after COVID-19. Click the link below to find out how we help them to promptly access financial resources that are owed to their businesses in refunds and taxes incentives. We release cash flow and savings using an approved digital analytical financial accounting approach that disrupts and replaces the routine accounting and internal  auditing service, that is usually only afforded by large Multi-nationals. In under 15-minutes, we take businesses through our IRS- compliant proven analytics software survey that gathers key business profile information and uncovers estimates of billing errors, overcharges, and specialized tax incentives (tax credits and deductions) owed to business owners, which normally go undetected by most small and medium businesses.

These include Credit Card Merchant Processing, Parcel Shipping, Waste & Recycling, Property Taxes, cost segregation benefits, and Workers Compensation Premiums. All without interrupting your daily business. View some business successes through our partnership approach and simply get in touch with our advisors on 813 509 2382. 

How We Work
How We Work
Our Mission
Is to strengthen the profits, purpose, and positioning of businesses to drive positive impacts on the development of local and global communities.
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