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Thanks for visiting! We are running partial site access as we reconstruct our exciting new website and also respond to COVID-19 related business needs of beneficiaries. Please browse our available pages.

COVID-19 Business Response Alert!

How well does your business' current operational strategy protect you, not only to survive the current crisis, but to build back better and weather  the next crises - wave after wave? 


We’ve redirected our resources and strategic partnerships towards accelerating a COVID-19 rapid response for small, medium, and growing businesses to help them thrive beyond Covid-19.


If you a US business owner struggling to improve cash flow that you urgently require to build back better after COVID-19, then click the link below to find out how, In under 15 minutes, we take you through our proven analytics-based software survey that gathers key business profile information and uncovers billing errors, overcharges, and specialized Tax Incentives (tax credits and deductions) to business owners which normally go undetected by small and medium businesses due to time and cost constraints.


These include Credit Card Merchant Processing, Parcel Shipping, Waste & Recycling, Property Taxes, cost segregation benefits, and Workers Compensation Premiums. All without interrupting your daily business. View some business successes through our approach and simply get in touch with our advisors on +813 509 2382. 

How We Work
Our strength is in our unique ability to offer a wide range of tailored services necessary for growing business revenue and at the same time maximising impacts delivered by our business clients and our economic development programmes. We do this through our in-house expertise, our core partner organisations, our associate consultants, and a growing network of investment advisors.
This means that alone, we are small and lean, yet collectively we are mighty and powerful, agile and well-equipped with a wealth of resources to promptly serve the needs of our clients to arrive at the best social impact solutions, amid maximised profits, both within the development programmes we implement and businesses we support.
Importantly, many of our lead advisors and consultants possess the valuable career expertise nexus of international development and Business & Trade Development with experiences in positions of business owners, CEOs, CFOs, advisors, and Consultants.
We are responsive to the evolving needs of our business clients, that are dictated by the fast-changing consumer and competitor environments; and as progress is made from one stage to another, together we utilise a range of resources and partners to ensure we stay ahead of the curve in deriving business revenue and creating social and commercial value.
We are always seeking to expand our partnerships. So please get in touch.
How We Work
Our Mission
Is to strengthen the profits, purpose, and positioning of businesses to drive positive impacts on the development of local and global communities.

Helping businesses 

profit and become highly effective Development Leaders

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