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Every Business

Our Vision

We envision a world in which all communities thrive and adverse impacts of business operations are non-existent.....Where all markets work towards sustainable development.

Building on her expertise in international development, combined with her entrepreneurial training, experiences and vision for placing businesses at the centre of local and global development strategies, MWG Founder -  Sarah, pivoted slightly in 2016 amid an established career, and founded MarketWorks Global in 2019.

MWG's vision emerges as a result of Sarah's 20 plus years  experience  in research and development and in empowering marginalised and vulnerable populations, improving their access to essential livelihoods, and from her passion for empowering businesses to be profitable while also accelerating their impacts on development goals. 


Through several of the donor-funded  international development projects she led and delivered and the programme evaluations undertaken, Sarah was forever frustrated by the fact that most project outcomes and impacts of improved livelihoods, and access to essential goods and services showcased in the short  term were rarely sustained in the medium to long-term, despite decades of government and philanthropy  funded development  support in the developed and developing world where inequality indices are still unacceptable, stagnating  across several countries. 

The vision evolved and took shape as a result of in-depth discussions with stakeholders in global development community, and researching, evaluating innovative hybrid private sector business and inclusive supply chain models through Sarah's research at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and beyond this, through a growing  network of core partners and advisors she engaged and mobilised through the consultation process. Some of whom became founding advisory  members for MWG. 

Our Story

Our Mission is to strengthen the profits, purpose, and positioning of businesses to drive positive impacts on the development of local and global communities.

Our Mission

Therefore our focus is on working and empowering businesses in both developed and underdeveloped regions. We believe that if all Businesses develop inclusive social agendas within the implementation of their business operations, then their ability to positively lead the improvements in livelihoods of their local community is limitless. 

Our Purpose

We exist to help raise awareness and increase businesses' innovation and leadership in local and global communities by maximising the impacts of their operations and profits on the achievement of the global SDGs.
Together We are Stronger
Impacts made by the individual profitable and non-profit businesses coming together in alignment can be strengthened and multiplied further just by the joint efforts and shared resources between businesses and key community stakeholders and gatekeepers.  
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