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Our Founder  - Sarah Ann Adomakoh

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"Mindset is Everything: We’re either born with it, or empowered into it... it’s the hand-up needed, not a handout, to maximize and expand on what life hands us".

Sarah is an  International Development Specialist with training background and experiences in Biosciences, Computer Modelling and Health Economics. She is also a Social Entrepreneur with over 20-years experience in global development and a track record of designing and piloting strategies for delivery of ‘first’ and innovative multisectoral initiatives. Sarah began her international development career in healthcare economics, policy, data analytics for decision-making, focused on decreasing health burdens by delivering health, social & gender development programs, research, monitoring & evaluation, strategic planning for governments communities and donors, pivoting slightly to integrate these approaches with economic empowerment and designing development strategies led by for-profit private-sector.


Throughout her career, and currently within MWG, Sarah establishes active sustainable technical & investment project partnerships, designs and lead research and international development national/regional projects. Partners/clients have included; private sector, multilateral/bilateral donors, national/regional governments, academia and philanthropic foundations; including PAHO/WHO, Save the Children, DFID/UKAID, USAID, IDB, World Bank, Inter American Development Bank, UNDP, Global Fund/UNAIDS, UN Women, International Labour Organisation (ILO), US Department of Labour, academia and philanthropic foundations.

As MWG principal, Sarah growth mentors start-ups, high-potential SMEs, social enterprises and guides NGOs and other social business entities in implementing internal and external ESG approaches to accelerate achievement of the 2030 SDGs, designing and supporting their development initiatives in UK, Africa, US and Latin America and the Caribbean.


Always seeking innovation challenges, Sarah mentors and serves in consulting, research and advisory capacities, on diversity and inclusion task forces, academic, and entrepreneurial ecosystem advisory boards in UK, US and Africa.


Sarah is passionate and well-versed in advocating for and implementing responsible business practices, and leading harmonized business-led ventures and research to inform economic and policy development action and investments at private sector, community and public sector levels. 


Sarah's drive comes from an inborn desire to empower vulnerable, marginalised and 'invisible' groups, including small and medium growing businesses, through information, development and partnerships, to understand, own and enact their access to finance and investments, essential goods, services and livelihoods for sustained socioeconomic gain, and to advance to impact others. It is well proven that joined-up action of both profitable and non-profit responsible businesses working together with communities and governments are key factors required to maximise positive socioeconomic and environmental impacts. 


Sarah enjoys traveling, spending active time with family, sailing and scuba diving, dancing, sharing amusing stories to empower women, motivating youth in entrepreneurial and talent development.


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