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Information May be Power...but...Disinformation is a Dangerous Weapon

Article: By Sarah Adomakoh

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Introduction: In the West, the Covid-19 crisis exposed us to our collective vulnerabilities and respective differences, in their various forms. Always there, but more hidden from the world in the past, these vulnerabilities and differences are now concentrated and being experienced across many households and communities, with manifestations ranging from acute economic, emotional and mental health needs, to gender-based violence, and race-based hate. Societal cohesion is being tested at a time when the need for trust and transparency from governments, businesses and those with platform & voice, is paramount, in order to maintain strong societal cohesion and a sense of community. The actions and words of policymakers, of businesses , and not least, those in the business of reporting and broadcasting data, are under the microscope, now more than ever. With a focus on tackling misinformation and disinformation in our digital world, we highlight a past 2020 article by David Green of Civitas written during the growth stage of the epidemic moving towards a pandemic, when death rates were spiking alarmingly in a world searching for answers...


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