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Every Business

Our Values

We are passionate about building knowledge and skills capacity and capabilities, and ensuring responsibility and sustainability of the businesses we support, and the programmes we design and implement. 


Achieving our mission and purpose is underpinned by our core values and upheld by our staff, associates and technical partners to ensure we honestly and openly deliver high-quality outcomes and learnings for all, in whatever tasks undertake with our clients and within our company:




Trust, Transparency & Accountability

We do what we say, and say what we do. we own our actions and learn to excel. 


Recognising that needs are not static, we operate within a culture focused on listening and diagnosis of evolving needs of the clients and providing a realistic pathway of possible milestones. Ours clients served are not only our consumers and beneficiaries, they are also our funders, our staff and our partners. Together, we need to thrive to grow our impacts and remain sustainable.


We adopt co-creation approaches. Meaning that we routinely check-in with our clients, using their feedback to continuously improve as we implement solutions. 

Looking upwards and forwards ! The Glass is always half full

Every setback is a learning moment and a chance to pause and even pivot without losing momentum 

Learning- focused  

We strive to share lessons from the programmes and strategies we implement with our collaborators to ensure we collectively empower and build knowledge of our clients and partners.

Respectful and Inclusive of Diversity and Differences

We recognize the value of differences in all aspects of our collaborations: We recognize the nexus between sharing and blending of diverse views, lived experiences, cultures with innovation, in order to maximise the relevance and appropriateness of our approaches and solutions to difficult problems. 



We maximize the power of partnerships. 

Challenging and inquisitive

Always pushing the limitations of our own thinking and ideas and sharing these 

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