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Covid-19 and SME Supplier Capacities 
Covid-19 has adversely impacted SMEs' supplier capacity and their operations drastically across countries. The gains reaped in SMEs' growth in developed countries and also in emerging markets regions such as Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean over the past decade are being severely eroded:  This is due in  part,  to  the  destabilization of  markets brought by the great lock down,  and also to severely lacking financial support and inclusion of SMEs, lack of access to digital trade and finance solutions, fragmented structured coaching to become more agile in their restructuring. As the outbreak and recovery phases persists globally, these SMEs are being left behind and their losses are increasingly irrecoverable. The impacts on disadvantaged SMEs, particularly woman and minority-owned businesses are intensified as inequities in access to needed skills, finance and networks they suffered prior to Covid-19 have been exacerbated as a result of the health impacts of the Covid-19 and public health control measures enacted in response to the epidemic. 
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GBV in the context of the Venezuelan Refugee crisis in Guyana 
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