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Over the past years you’ve acquired a mountain of academic learning, project development, networking and work experiences, to name a few. as we approach the end of one year and enter into the gate of the new year that beckons,  many are wondering about the changes they'll make and the journeys you'll take as the winds created from your college and work and play experiences of the past few years fuel your sails.


The fast approaching final minute of the old years' night will pass swiftly through the  midnight hour into the new beginning of 2023. I have no doubt that the this moment drawn out over the past few  days, weeks ore even months, prompts many of you  who are  in the early stage of your careers, or at pivotal points to wonder and worry what the next few years will bring in terms of experiences, successes, pitfalls and challenges.

Research confirms that every generation from baby boomers to the Gen Z, job hops in their youth in search for the right career fit. However, GEN Z are expected surpass Job hopping rates of past generation; an expectation supported by findings of an EY research that reveals that Gen Z are striving to make meaningful impact in the world around them, are more questioning, and more likely than previous generations to hold corporate leaders accountable, both as employers, and as sellers of goods and services, This added characteristic makes you, Gen Z, more likely that past generations to take risks, test the waters, move around, pivot or go it alone in your search for workplace authenticity and inspiration. This is are pathways that will drive your personal growth!

I have 3 sons, who all [thankfully] graduated together this May (2022), so this topic is at the forefront of my mind. My most common advice to them, amid more technical advice is: “relax and enjoy the ride” , “don’t take yourself too seriously” and mostly, “avoid getting sucked into social media hype and identity slavery. Identity slavery? That’s a whole other discussion, but I urge you to grab a copy of the book, “ Identity leadership” by Steadman Graham

In today’s increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World, being agile professionally is key...and not least, COVID has brought with it, new challenges, ways of working and employment offerings. So, how do you start making choices for your career? and plan in ways that you can shift direction with agility, to be able to transition your talents, gifts and learned skills across different roles and industries? The first things I’d say to all young people today is don’t over-think on what areas to focus.... don’t be afraid to make mistakes...because no choice is a mistake when it comes to taking on a professional role.

For example, as an undergraduate, studying mainstream sciences and working in new scientific development areas, yet not particularly being passionate about it or the direction I was taking at the time, strengthened my clinical biochemistry, biophysics, tech and numeracy skill and has had its added benefits:


Despite not being directly related to my career choices, today, I use the knowledge and capabilities in my work in business and entrepreneurship and impact investing for global sustainable development, in particular with clients and partners working and building projects in the health sciences and tech for good industries. 

The real value and joys in life are in the journey towards ultimately finding and developing the career that fits, while growing through the process.


But let’s be honest...from the get-go some of you are racing, worrying and trying to find that fit, straight out of school!...just take the time  to find the half-full glass in the moment you're in,  and enjoy the ride!

In trying to decide on the most valuable wisdom pearls that I should share with you today, I had to go back to think about how I picked my early choices in the first 5 years, how and why I decided to avoid the comfort of a lucrative role in the corporate world of management consulting that would keep me well paid, hardworking and promoted within this one industry for the long haul, or why I didn’t enter straight into nonprofits? or into a coordinating desk job within a UN  development agency? and instead decided to enter into academia for a time, take up further relevant post graduate degrees and diplomas, take a government development job, and to start 2 companies.


Although each person's career walk is a unique, individual experience and evolutionary process, I’ve picked 10 key points that in hindsight really helped me have also helped teammates, past colleagues, family and past interns through their own decision-making and maneuvering the career marketplace. These 10 points also add to the many features of people that are happy and successful in applying their passions and talents in maximising their impacts, revenue streams and career progression, towards achieving the life-balance that’s right or them

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