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“You never change anything by fighting the existing reality…. to change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete “ 

Buckminster Fuller

ODT2 “Soft Machines™” 

Preston's Design Thinking Evolution

80,483 Hours - The Full Story

As a result of his walk to date: lessons, successes, setbacks, failures and wins, including takeovers and recoveries of his businesses, Preston has mastered the entrepreneurial world, to add to his already stuffed draw of master talents. Having never introduced into the market, a product that has failed to “sell through", Preston has co-founded and built three companies that simultaneously produced ground-breaking sales in 33 countries, in multiple project categories, won 13 Global and National home and workplace health and wellness product awards since 1985. Here's how his design thinking has evolved over time to arrive today at  his seamless and highly effective self-care devices

Research & Development  -  Revolutionizing the Future of Back Health & Wellness

Preston’s inventions are the result of his expertise developed across 80,483 hours of research validated and endorsed through scientific partnerships and successfully approved patents across all his applications. 

Overview of Preston's Design Formula

Naturally occurring renewable energy is all around us .. not only in the wind, sun, sea, tides, earth's heat (geothermal), bio-organisms (biomass) and other common sources that generate the power we need for daily living. 


In fact, of all the renewable fuel sources in our universe, there is none more sustainable than the human body and the energy the body itself generates...


ODT2“Soft Machines™”  by Preston Willingham have evolved, over the last 4 years in which Preston's inventions harvests renewable energy from  9 energy-rich sources. In particular bio-elastic potential energy,  material sciences and gravitational physics.

​The Science in the Art 

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  1. Gifted with an insatiable curiosity and an intuitive recognition of formulas and concepts that underlie forces at play within the human body, Preston combines these 9 renewable energy sources with newly proven bio-scientific principles, such as bio-fascial-mechanics and bio-tensegrity engineering, adhesive matrix proteins  (Velcro-like) mechanisms in the fascial network... all to remodel postural dysfunction.                                                                                                                     

  2. Preston does not invent cushioning style devices that operate through passive energy exchange mechanisms that give comfort, but do not heal. Instead, his trade secreted formulas and the science embedded his artistic design styles ensures that the combined power produced from these sources described is scientifically sufficient deliver Active energy exchange mechanisms within his Soft Machines™.                                                                                                                        

  3. The amazing result is that these Soft Machines™ mechanically resolve spinal dysfunctions by controlling from a distance, the angle of the spine's endpoint attachments, 


Using these new scientific breakthroughs and his design ideas, Preston and ODT2 have launched a new innovation era of rejuvenation self care SIT-STAND-SLEEP inventions that are improvements on his previous inventions and set to disrupt the back health and wellness industry. ​


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