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One-to-one mentorship for revenue maximization and business strategy development for socially motivated commercial businesses.
We operationalize development programs through capacity development & technical skills-building, back office support, and strategic partnerships, to deliver high-impact sustainable outcomes. 
Increase Revenue, Build Purpose 

We achieve our mission through two strategic service delivery approaches:

Advisory Services: One-One Business Strategy Development & Roll-Out 
Increase Revenue and Sustainability of Small, Medium Social Businesses   Learn more  

Business-Led Local and Global Development & System Change Partnership Programmes

Programme areaResearch  & Collaborations for Systems Change Learn more 
Mentoring for Organizational Social Impact
Learn more
Entrepreneurship Skills Building
& Innovative 
Learn more
Business-to-Donor Harmonization
& Impact Fundraising
Learn more
Data Development
Monitoring, Evaluation
Learn more 
Business Strategy Restructuring, 
 & Roll-out
 Learn more 
Strengthening & Communicating Social Agendas, Issues and Impacts
Learn more 
Programme area: Ecosystem
Building & Mobilization 
Learn more 
Programme area
Business-Led Programme Design & Implementation 
Learn more 
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Programme area:
Development Programmes 

 Learn more 
one-one business strategy development
Business-led local & global development
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