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Build Back Better after COVID-19


Together with our core partners, the MWG networked partnership approach to your financial sustainability and purpose  is delivered through an urgently needed 4-step holistic growth and responsible business development support with no direct costs to the businesses we hold hands with.  We will only succeed once you succeed!

Your 4 Steps To Discovery
Step 1
Step 1: Survival & Financial Repositioning

Your first step into discovery involves releasing cash flow by using an approved tax-compliant IRS approved innovative algorithm based app to assess in 5 mins what is due to your business. From there, we lead you through step 1 to release  cash flow within a a few weeks, together with financial partners consisting of a specialised team financial analysts engineers, software technicians and receiving much needed financial resources to rebuild better.

Our no-fee app based approach makes the 5-yr retrospective  release of hidden expense refunds and tax credits seamlessly accessible for  small and medium business, when in the past these businesses were prevented  year-on-year from ever claiming what was really due to them due to unaffordably high costs  of audit services. so far 100% of businesses that have qualified using our app for their initial refund and tax credit  estimate assessment have received unexpected windfall refunds. 

What will you do for your business if you  were handed  an unexpected 5-year windfall refund?
Step 2: Setting sail into unchartered waters - driving profits and purpose 

Step 2: Setting sail into unchartered waters - driving profits and purpose  


As our team helps to reduce financial worry, the refund and credit  windfall your business services  will leave you freer to focus more attention on forward-planning to reposition and prosper in the post-covid, more  socially conscious market place. In today's current business climate, where there is increasing consumer pressure and government policies promoting sustainable business practices  slowly and steadily becoming mandatory, no business some SMEs to large corporations,  will be able to bypass undertaking any sort of restructuring or operational shifts, as they will be required to move towards practices that are socially or environmentally responsible  and purposeful in how they do business and profit. at the same time new tax credits are being introduced for companies adopting socially responsible business practices


Step 2 focuses on reviewing, restructuring, and rolling out your revised short-term to long-term business strategy for repositioning. We also identify and research the feasibility of potentially productive business-to-business alliances to ensure your business will not only survive during the crisis but also adjust and grow stronger in the evolving market post-COVID-19. 

Step 3: Repositioning through the 4Ps: pivoting & partnering to profit with purpose 

Step 3: Together we're Stronger!

 Repositioning through the 4Ps: pivoting & partnering to profit with purpose 

We help you develop commercial partnerships, navigate continuous access to a supportive ecosystem of public-private sector partners and corporations focused on building thriving communities and supporting the entrepreneurship and sustainability of the local business. 

Businesses that are supported by their local Small Business Development Centers, coupled with the close support of specialised entrepreneurial  best practice expertise within MWG  are most likely to remain afloat, pivot, or repurpose through access to well-aligned business to business partnerships. 

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Step 4: Planning for Future Finance

Step 4: Planning for Future Finance

Reduce the worry. This add-on step is available on request. Using our digital tech platform, our partners provide low or no-cost support to business financial planning for the future, tailored to the nature of the commercial and/or social aspects of your products and services. 

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