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Our Strategy

At MWG we adopt two overarching strategic approaches in serving our clients:

I.  Advisory Services  -  One to one business strategy development and roll out.

II. Socio-economic Development programmes - Business-Led Local & Global Development and System Change across 4 pillars across programme areas.

Advisory Services: One-One Business Strategy Development & Roll-Out 


We invest time and effort in tailored one-one innovative training, capacity building, technical skills-building and mentoring businesses to strengthen high-potential responsible  businesses, that we define as those with potential to  generate sustainable economic benefits for large numbers of people from disadvantaged  communities. 

Our one-one advisory services are framed within a comprehensive 4-step approach to helping businesses release cash flow, promote their access to further finance and help them to set sail on their journey towards repositioning and Profiting with Purpose.

Our 4 Pillars


MWG empowers businesses and embeds new capabilities using approaches that align seamlessly with, and fill the service gaps in local community business development partners  to ensure that  approaches are sustainable and that businesses remain innovative, agile, socially responsible and profitable in their operations


Read more about the 4 steps here

Following on from these 4 steps, our targeted businesses become more socially innovative through our tailored and bespoke capacity and growth development. Therefore they become more productive and cost-efficient in their partnerships, and responsible in their operations, driving increased social impacts and commercial revenue. Read more about some of our one-one and small-group capacity and growth development sessions  here

Business-Led Local & Global Development and System Change programmes across 4 pillars


MWG strives to make a positive impact in local and global communities through strengthening the purpose, positioning, and profits of businesses. We partner with our member small & medium businesses (SMB) and corporations to take action across 4 core Development Pillars that accelerate business' contribution towards achievement of the SDGs, as shown:

Around our 4 pillars, we help our clients and beneficiaries increase their impacts on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by taking them through business-led development programmes and ad hoc tailored capacity development and empowerment sessions. 


Read more about some of our actions that run under these 4 pillars here

Read about some of our partnership case studies here

4 pillars_SDGs2.png
Our Strategy is Value-Adding 

By tailoring and adapting our approaches to the evolving needs of demand-driven projects we bring the following value-added capabilities:

  • Manage programmes and tackle social, health, and economic inequalities from a local to global development lens.

  • Build on, share and translate successes across sectors, industries, and countries.

  • Use our expertise in scaling-up and growing businesses alongside increasing their development impact potential.

  • Drawing on globally networked resources and specialist skills that lie within our profitable yet socially motivated businesses to deliver the goals of donor-funded international development programmes.

  • Ensure that our actions are data-informed that economic benefits are felt downstream and upstream by communities, investors, and governments.

  • Build successful fundraising collaborations with investment partners.

  • Importantly, as a benefits corporation, we provide hands-off support mechanisms through which our beneficiaries can call upon our growing network for updated inputs or advice on ongoing bases.

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