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COVID-19 Business Relief

"Building Back Better"

MWG's Business Continuum 


Through the COVID-19 crisis, small, medium, and growing businesses are being faced with information overload on how to survive and where to seek and apply for buffering loans and grants to carry them through the next few months. At the same time, owners are immersed in worry over the financial health of their businesses and future livelihoods not just for them but also for their employees and by extension, their local community. 


We Focus on Building Businesses Back Better 

With small and medium businesses focusing all their energy on surviving the crisis, owners and managers barely have enough time to strategise on how to build back better and respond innovatively to changing market trends and consumer demand. We deliver comprehensive support throughout this period and beyond. 


Supporting US Businesses to Build Back Better 

We are holding hands with businesses during this time of COVID-19 crisis. MarketWorks Global, with our core associates, are helping businesses increase cash-flow and strategise innovatively for growth and social impact. Together, we use a proprietary digital app and dedicated specialist advisors, in undertaking a rapid process of targeted expense reduction and tax incentives restructuring,  usually undetected and unaffordable to small, medium, and growing businesses. This ensures that during this time of urgent needbusinesses can claim back what's owed to them, increase cash-flow and revenues so that they can remain operational and plan to build back better after the crisis. 

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