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Every Business

... Can Produce Ripples... 

Together...We'll Make Waves

We Help Businesses, Non-profits & Social Enterprises Innovate, 
Build Purpose and Increase Revenue   

Our operations are driven by the underlying conviction that small and medium enterprises, non-profits, and social enterprises are the growth engines of any economy. As the world's main source of employment, SMEs, together with large corporations, and other strategic partners, have the ability to significantly and sustainably improve local and global living standards and tackle socioeconomic, health, and environmental disorders to create thriving, vibrant and cohesive communities. Watch our 2-minute video to learn how we work.


MWG has merged with the boutique development agency, AIDInc 
Our Strategic Approach to Increasing Capacities and Impacts of non-profit-led Development Initiatives in the Americas 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2019, it has been more important, now than ever before for small and medium-sized businesses to prevent the adverse effects of doing business and integrate better environmental, social & and health outcomes into their business operations. As a result, MWG has worked closely and consistently with its sister organization: Associates for International Development, a boutique international development consultant agency supporting local NGOs and profits in delivering far-reaching impacts across local and global development programs since 2004.

Together MWG and AIDInc share complementary skills, resources, intellectual and creative assets, knowledge, and networks to deliver capacity building, mentorship, and technical support to non-profits and start-ups with social missions.

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Knowledge            ➔ Application              ➔ Sustainability

 Our approach ensures that programs we lead or support are delivered cost-effectively and funders attain maximized value for money on their investments

Together we're stronger. This ongoing partnership has resulted in our strategic horizontal merger, which means our collective support to Non-Profits and health and socio-economic development initiatives is now delivered with more focused strategies, through our MWG-AIDInc expertise.

The MWG Mission
Is to increase revenue and strengthen the purpose, and positioning of businesses to drive positive impacts on the development of local and global communities.
Our Purpose
We exist to help raise awareness and increase business leadership in global communities by maximizing the impacts of their internal and external operations on the achievement of the global SDGs.


We're helping businesses
succeed & become highly effective resource-sharing leaders in social & economic development

How we Work
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How We Work

Partnerships for Collective Benefits 

We are a strategic partnership group focused on advancing businesses and sustainable development ventures that accelerate and sustain early impacts on local and global development goals. In this new era of corporate ESG accountability, our strength lies in our ability to strengthen profits and positioning of small, medium and growing businesses while increasing their meaningful leadership participation in development ventures and maximising their socioeconomic impacts. We do this through our in-house global expertise, our core partner organisations, our associate specialists, and growing network of investment advisors. 

We're responsive to the evolving needs of our partners, clients and beneficiaries dictated by fast-changing financial markets, customer and competitor environments. As businesses progress from one stage to another, together we utilise a range of resources and partners to ensure we stay ahead of the curve in sustaining business revenue while creating social and commercial value.

A Strong Ecosystem of like-minded mission-focused partners

Importantly,  through our strong networks, many of our associate advisors and consultants possess valuable career expertise within entrepreneurship, social innovation & system change, health and social transformation, finance, public administration, governance, business development, impact investing, fund management and international development, from experienced positions such as business owners, accountants, tax advisors, legal experts, C-suite executives - CEOs, turnaround CEOs, CFOs, CIO's, senior advisors and consultants.

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Small & Impact Driven - We only succeed when our clients & beneficiaries succeed!

This means that alone, we're small and lean, yet collectively we are networked, scalable, agile and well-equipped to promptly serve the needs of our clients & and beneficiaries and arrive at the best social impact solutions, amid maximised profits, both within the development programmes we implement and businesses we support. Ultimately, through 'hands-off' hands-holding, we accelerate and sustain early growth impacts for our clients and beneficiaries by increasing responsible environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices within their operations and building new capabilities across entire organisations and strong, diverse, inclusive partnerships. 

We make impact through 2 strategic channels. 
Our Work
We support and partner with small and medium-sized high-growth potential startups, established businesses, and nonprofits by delivering hands-on technical support and hands-off mentoring to ensure that are able to maximize profits and attract investments while developing and achieving their operational ESG processes to ultimately make social and development impacts that arise just through the ways they conduct their business operations and reach their consumers daily! Importantly also, we hold their hands in establishing and implementing their strategies for delivering value-added impacts through their 'profit purpose missions'. Our value creation approach has been shown to enhance the financial materiality of all priority aspects of profitable and non-profit mission-driven, impact-focused businesses and deliver long-term business growth and social impacts.

On national, regional, and local community level funders, including governments, contract, and partner with us to implement novel entrepreneurial ecosystem strengthening, business development strategies, and programs through collaborative approaches. In addition, we are subcontracted by implementation partners within their existing programs and business operations, for implementing socioeconomic development initiatives that we co-lead and co-create. We also enter into various configurations of joint ventures with our strategic partners for innovative and ground-breaking development contracts, grants, and investments. All the while, we maintain our focus on inclusive economic growth being felt from the grassroots and beyond.

We are always seeking to expand our strategic partnerships. Get in touch and learn more, though our case studies
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