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COVID-19 Business Response Help Alert!

How well does your business’s operational strategy protect you not only to survive the current crisis, but to weather the next - wave after wave? Reaching out for handheld support that takes you each step of the way is the next step for businesses. 

We’ve redirected our resources and partners towards accelerating  a COVID-19 rapid response for small, medium, and growing businesses. Are you a business owner? Looking to improve cash flow and profits, and at the same time work out how to build back better after COVID-19? We have solutions!   .. Click here

We envision a world where all communities thrive and the adverse impacts of business operations are non-existent...
Where all markets work towards sustainable development.
Our Mission
is to strengthen the purpose, positioning, and profits of businesses to drive positive impacts on the development of local and global communities.
Our Purpose
We exist to help raise awareness and increase businesses' innovation and leadership in local and global communities by maximising the impacts of their operations and profits on the achievement of the global SDGs.







Helping businesses 

maxmize revenue and

become highly effective resource-sharing,

Community & International

Development Leaders

How we Work
Our strength is in our unique ability to offer a wide range of tailored services necessary for maximising impacts delivered by our business clients and our economic development programmes. We do this through our in-house expertise, our core partner organisations, our associate consultants and a growing network of investment advisors.
This means that alone, we are small and lean, yet collectively we are mighty and powerful, agile and well-equipped with a wealth of resources to promptly serve the needs of our clients to arrive at the best social impact solutions, amid maximised profits, both within the development programmes we implement and businesses we support.
We are responsive to the evolving needs of our business clients,  that are dictated by the fast-changing consumer and competitor environments;  and as progress is made from one stage to another,  together we utilise a range of resources and partners to ensure we stay ahead of the curve in deriving social and commercial value.
Our Services Span: 
    International Development programme development and M&E across our 4 impact areas
Strategic Business Development &  business model innovation for hybrid (commercial-social) Businesses  
Corporate re-positioning for profit maximisation
Innovation & Entrepreneurship development for social impact maximisation
Social Impact marketing
Proposal development, philanthropic partnerships & grant access 
Evidence based Ecosystem building -  functional partnership platforms
Strategic Partnership planning, engagement and coordination of mid to large development projects
Data Development and insights for decision -making 
Investor engagement &  investment Mobilisation


We're helping businesses become highly effective resource-sharing International Development Leaders

How We Work
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